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Fractured Pictures Projects Past & Present

3 Eurovision Song Contests : Video Content Operation & Design , Project Manager Austria , Norway And Russia 

BBC Sports Personality Of The Year Arena And Studio Shows: Video Design & Operation 2005 to 2023

Netflix The Dance 100  2022

Netflix Dance Monsters 2022

Netflix All The Right Moves 2022

The Brit Award Moving Light and LED  Operator 

MTV Europe Music Award Moving Light and LED Operator 

The Royal Variety Performance , 5 Years Moving Light And Video Operator

Littlemix The Search  Video Design And Operation 

Saturday Night Take Away 2018  to 2023 Video System Design And Operations

Children In Need 2010. to 2022 Video Design And Operation

The Voice 2014 and 2015 : Video Operation and some Content Design

Lord Of The Dance Tour and TV Show : Video Content Design 2014

MTV Crashes Festival  : Video Content Design & Operatin

Titanic Memorial Concert : Video Design & Operation

Duran Duran ITV : Video Operation & Design

Lionel Richie ITV : Video Operation & Design

The Once Percent Club BBC: Video Design And Operation

Theres Something About Movies With Alan Carr For Sky Television . 2017 to 2021 Video Design And Operation

Boyzone TV Special : Video Design & OperationThe Proms : Video Design & Lighting Operation

Robbie Williams Album Launch In Berlin : Video Content Design & Operation

Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Concert In Hyde Park : Video Content Design & Operation

Guiness 250 : Video Operation & Design

Sports Relief : Video Design & Operation

Celebibility Video Design And Operations

Children In Need : Screens Operator

Cats The Movie : Lighting  Operation

President Gorbachev’s 80 Birthday : Video Design & Operation

X Factor Video Supply And Operation

Laureaus World Sports Awards 2001 : Video Content Design & Operation

Laureaus World Sports Awards 2002 : Video Content Design & Operation

Laureaus World Sports Awards 2003 : Video Content Design & Operation

Laureaus World Sports Awards 2005  : Video Content Design & Operation

UK Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2006 : Video Content Design & Operation

UK Rock And Roll  Hall Of Fame 2005 : Video Content Design & Operation

Miss World 2006 : Video Design & Moving Light Operation

Later With  Jools Holland

Lets Get Gold : Video Design & Operation

Tom Jones Live

I lIterally Just Said That  Video Design And Opeation

Die Hard 5 : Video Design & Operation

Girls Aloud : Video Content Design & Operation

46664 Artic : Video Content Design & Operation

Stars In Their Eyes : Moving Light Operation

The Sarah Millican Show : Lighting Operation

Audience With The Bee Gee’s : Moving Light Operation

Audience With Rod Stewart : Moving Light Operation

National TV Awards : Moving Light Operation

National Film Awards : Moving Light Operation

Divas 2 With Anastasia Rihanna Pink & Others : Video Content Design And Operation

Xtra Factor : Video Operation, Design & Lighting Operation 2003-2015

Audience With Donnie And Marie Osmond : Video Operation And Design

Harry Hill TV Burp : Lighting Operation (10 Series)

National Lottery  : Lighting Operation

Derren Brown : Lighting Operation

Russell Howard DVD Shoot : Lighting Operation

Britains Got Talent 2008 Tour

For One Night Only TV Series 2008 : Video Content Design & Operation

Here Come The Boys : Video Design & Operation

Unsigned : Catalyst Operation & Video Content Design

Harry Hill TV Burp All Series : Moving Light Operation

Live 8 Africa Calling : Lighting Designer

Soapstar Superstar : Video Content Design & Operation

Disney Kids Awards : Video Content Design & Operation

The Brit Awards : Moving Light Operation

Grease Lightning : Video Content Design & Operation

Mowtown Mania : Moving Light Operation

Audience With Des O Conner : Moving Light Operation

Set List : Moving Light Operation

That Sunday Night Show : Moving Light Operation

Born To Shine : Video Design And Operation

Popstar To Operastar : Video Design, Operation & Moving Light Operator

Jeorge & Mateus : Video Design & Operation

Perfection : Moving Light Operator

South Bank Show Awards : Lighting Operator



And many many more ............................................................................................

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